August 16, 2018

I tried being gentle, calm, nice; but the deer just weren't getting the hint to leave my garden alone.

I planned my landscape accordingly and applied deer repellents to my landscape. That wasn't enough. I planted thorny rose bushes and other deer-resistant plants as a protective deer barrier; but again, I failed to keep the deer away from my yard.

I was growing frustrated and tired. I studied deer behavior; and I knew that deer were motivated largely by their hunger for organic plants and rely on taste and scent. I was looking for a non-lethal deer management technique; so, I did my research on electric fencing for deer management; and here is what I discovered:

  • Deer are curious wild animals that will surely reach out to the electric deer fence to see what it's all about. (They won't like the outcome.)
  • Electric fencing comes with a high voltage charger that shocks a response from deer to back off.
  • Electric fences are safer than barbed wire fence or woven wire fence; but...
  • Electric fences will hurt you if you touch them. Keep children and pets away from electric fence
  • Deer lures, such as a Electric Baited Deer Pops, can be added to the electric fence to repel deer. They won't like the taste or the zap!
  • Electric fencing trains the deer to stay away from the property. Once the shock wears off (get it?) they'll alert other deer herds to back away from the territory.
Gardeners who are looking for a permanent solution to garden protection from wildlife should consider an electric baited deer fence from ElectricFenceCo.