Jolt a response from wildlife with Electric Fencing from the ElectricFenceCo.

Traditional fences aren't always enough to stop determined deer, bears and rodents from devouring organic gardens. This is why growers need to install an electric fence to send a gently reminder to 'Back Off' from our gardens.

The electric fence kits for sale on ElectricFenceCo come complete with all fence materials needed to get the job done. Fence kits are ideal for farmers and gardeners alike that want to skip over the confusion of what fence parts to buy. Kits for electric fence installation include: energizers, poly wire, ground rods, posts, and light testers.

The electric baited fence kits are available in a variety of sizes to help with different landscapes and needs. ElectricFence Kits do not cause long-term damage to deer; but will zap a response from whitetails telling them not to continue into the garden enclosure.

Our electric poultry netting is sure to keep chickens-in and to keep out coyotes and wolves that may try to harm the poultry. Electric poultry netting is mainly used to secure chickens; but livestock farmers may consider using it for sheep, goats and other livestock animals.

These are easy DIY projects! Explore fence kits and rolls for electric fencing today on