Electric Fence For Deer/Elk

The white-tailed deer is one of the most destructive animals in the animal kingdom. They are the number one complaint among farmers and cause millions of dollars in agricultural damage yearly.

While gardeners and farmers (even deer farmers) have used plastic and metal deer fencing for deer management, they often choose to use electric fencing as a secondary barrier for added deer control. 

Best Electric Fence For Deer

While deer see well at night, they have poor daytime vision (20/100); so, the type of electric fence wire used will need to have increased visibility for the deer species, such as poly rope- used on horses with similar eye issues. Additionally, deer can jump over 7 feet high; but they will not attempt the jump unless being chased by a predatory animal, due to their loss of vision. This is why the best height of a deer fence should be at least 7.5-8' feet high to stop a deer jump.

High-tensile electric fence for deer control will need to be at least 6' feet high for cervid with high visibility. The minimum voltage for deer management ranges from 4000-5000 volts. Use a low impedance fence charger.