Electric Fence For Poultry/Chickens

Electric fencing is an affordable and effective way to contain chickens on farms. 

Farmers use different types of fencing to secure chickens, ranging from hexagonal chicken wire fencing to electric bird netting. Both are suitable fence options to safeguard chickens, turkey and other flock members. 

The ideal electric net fencing for poultry will have at least a two-wire system using a single strand wire 4-6 inches off the ground for best results. (The second wire can be at least 10 inches off the ground.) 

An AC-powered low impedance charger with at least 5000 volts is recommended for poultry. 

Chickens are often prey for coyotes and wolves. Combining a hexagonal steel fence with electric fencing may be appropriate. Space electrified wire closely to keep predators away from the flock.