Electric Fence For Sheep/Goats

Goats are a challenge to contain because they jump, climb and chew on everything. To make matters worse, they often get their heads stuck in wire fences. Sheep, on the other hand, are relatively low-key and easy to maintain on farms. 

Sheep fencing, using electric fence, needs to have an overall height of 32-40" with a fence charger containing 4000-5000 voltages along the fence line. 

For goat fencing, choose an electrified wire with at least 5 wires and has an overall height of 40-47 inches. High-tensile wire, or t-post fences, are suitable for goats. 

Use a low-impedance fence charger that contains at least 4000-5000 volts. 

These grazing livestock animals are often attacked by predators including wolves and coyotes. This fence type can be combined with a steel fence for coyote management to protect farm animals. For electric wire, consider 4-inch spacing to keep predators at bay.