Fence Alternatives

ElectricFenceCo offers fencing alternatives for growers that aren't interested in using an electric fence for deer management in the garden. 

For the gardener that wishes to protect landscapes with traditional fences, consider our plastic deer fence and metal deer fencing for sale. 

Our plastic deer fencing is our bestselling type of fencing for yards. It is made from a durable polypropylene fence material that will remain strong in the garden for up to 20 years, resisting attempts from deer and other garden nuisances from devouring flowerbeds and organic gardens. 

Our metal deer fencing is available in three types: Steel Hex (bestselling metal fence), Welded Wire (aesthetically pleasing) and Fixed Knot (the strongest type of metal garden fencing). Each metal deer fence offers superior garden protection against chewing and digging animals and appears virtually invisible from a short distance.

For alternative fencing, consider poly deer fence and metal deer fence from ElectricFenceCo. Shop now.