Bear Fence

Wildlife experts agree that electric fencing is the best fence type to use for bear deterrence on landscapes. 

The average American Black Bear weighs 240 pounds while the Brown Bear can weigh over 1300 pounds! Because of the size of bears, it's no wonder why plastic fence is used for deer management but not to deter bears. Even some steel landscape fences are not strong enough to stop bear damage in gardens. But, electric fencing can. 

Bear Fence kits from ElectricFenceCo. are for beekeepers, gardeners, livestock owners and homeowners looking for a workable way to live with bears. Bear fence kits come with everything needed to install a basic electric fence for bear management. Electric netting for bears is easy to install and manage. Use with a .25-joule, low-impedance charger for best results. 

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All Bear Fence Kits come with one free copy of Living With Bears, Second Edition by Linda Masterson.

Living with Bears has been the ultimate guidebook to living smart, staying safe and sharing space with bears for more than a decade. The revised and expanded 2nd edition, Living with Bears Handbook, has been fully updated and is easier to use than ever. It’s packed with practical information, useful tips, inspiring success stories and advice from bear and people experts from all over the continent.

Recommended by the National Wildlife Federation, International Association for Bear Research and Management, wildlife managers and experts throughout North America.

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