Electric Fence Wire

Determining which Electric Wire to use is a key decision that livestock managers need to make when constructing an electric fence.

Fence Electric Wire provides the strength and durability for the entire garden enclosure, farm or pasture. Electric wire is used in long stretches, held between fence posts to keep the electric fence perimeter sturdy. 

There are many types of electric fencing wire; and the electric fence wire chosen is based on the animal being controlled. Because growers and owners of livestock have diverse needs, we offer different types of fence wire for each unique grower: Poly Tape, Poly Rope and Poly Wire.

Poly Tape is best used for livestock farmers who are looking to manage livestock animals such as cattle or horses. At first glance, polytape is ribbon-like, made from a woven tape that is then laced with conductive threads to transmit shock when necessary. It is lightweight, visible to animals, and easy to install. 

Often referred to as solid braided rope, Poly Rope is ideal for equine fencing. Poly Rope for electric fence is more visible than traditional fence wire, made from a polyethylene material that is laced with stainless steel conductors to provide shock to animals. This type of fence wire is suggested for the livestock manager who cares about aesthetics.

Whether you are looking to install temporary fencing, or a permanent controlled grazing area for livestock, Poly Wire is suited for all electric fencing needs! Property owners will appreciate how easy it is to use this lightweight fence material. Made from a strands of electrical conductors in multiple lengths, Poly Electric Fence Wire is a versatile type of fence wire. 

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