Electric Fence Energizers is just what you need for your electric fence operation.

There are three different types of electric fence controllers: AC fence chargers, battery-powered and solar powered chargers. So, which type is right for your electric fence?

AC energizers are powered directly by connection to an electric grid. Maybe you run an extension cord to the cable outlet or put the charger on the wall. Wherever you choose to do it will need to plug into the wall at some point. 

DC energizers, or battery-powered chargers, are very easy to use than AC chargers. Battery powered chargers draw power from an internal power source such as a volt battery. 

Solar energizers draws its power source from a solar panel that can recharge the connected battery without swapping batteries, unlike with a DC charger. 

Warranty Information For Zareba Products

Contact Zareba directly for questions about your warranty. A Zareba 10 mile energizer should have a one-year warranty. "Energizers with a mile rating of 20 miles and over have a 24 month warranty (two years) total. Energizers with a mile rating of 50 miles or over have a 36 month warranty (three year) when registered on line at the time of purchase." (

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