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ElectricFenceCo: A Trusted Name In Electric Fencing For Wildlife Control and Livestock Management

Located in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, ElectricFenceCo. prides itself as being one of the most trusted names in the fence industry for electric fencing to stop deer and rodent damage from persisting in the garden. Not only is electric fencing suitable for wildlife control; but it is a top choice for livestock owners looking for security fencing for cattle, horses, sheep, goats and pigs.

The Electric Fence Company offers affordable wholesale electric fencing for sale, complete with fence energizers and fence parts, that are easy to install without the help from professional installers. Do-it-yourself has never been so easy thanks to the ElectricFence Co!

There are many benefits for installing an electric fence enclosure around the garden. For one, electric fences are much cheaper and safer than the average high tensile fence or barbed wire. An electric fence is also more effective in ridding wildlife from gardens than your average physical barrier. Electric fencing causes zero long-term health damage to animals. When organic growers have reached their wits' end with deer, bears and other nuisance wildlife from eating fruit and vegetable gardens, they turn to ElectricFenceCo for help in managing their landscape.

How to use an electric fence

An electric fence converts battery or solar power into high voltage pulses. The electric fence energizer than transfers the pulse to a fence insulator that will give the deer the 'shock.' This usually transfers a response in less than 3 seconds. When the wild animal, be it deer or rodent, contacts the fence, the animal will quickly pull away from the fence. The animal will not bounce off the fence or make a dramatic exit.

Growers looking for a permanent solution to crop protection from deer and small rodents should consider an electric baited deer fence from the ElectricFenceCo. Contact us today to discuss your fence project.


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