Ground Rods

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The number one reason why electric fence systems fail is due to poor installation of grounding rods. 

The electric fence grounding system is critical to the inner workings of the electric fence. Ground rods are similar to TV antennas which provide thorough reception from the ground to the fence; then, to the animal. Without ground rods, electric fence systems will not work at maximum efficiency.

Consider these tips for ground rod installation to effectively manage cattle and other livestock animals:

  • Check ground rods and voltage of the electric fence during the wettest and driest seasons of the year to ensure adequate ground;
  • When installing the grounding system, space ground rods 10' apart;
  • Dig a trench; and make sure the galvanized steel rods are at least 4' deep and 20 feet long;
  • Place one ground rod at the end of the trench, and another in the middle for maximum efficiency.
  • Keep one rod closer to an AC Charger;
  • Use fence wire rated at 20000V.

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