Poly Rope

Poly Rope is needed where extra strength tensioning is required. 

PolyRope is stronger than poly wire or poly tape thus making it ideal for managing larger animals such as cattle or horses. Poly Electric Fence Rope, often referred to as solid braided electric rope, is best known for being more visible than traditional fence wire. Like deer, horses have poor vision; and the white colored wire allows horses to see that an object (fence) is in front of them, advising them not to proceed further. This type of fence wire can be used in windy areas, as it's wind-resistantAlthough Poly Rope for electric fence combines polyethylene and metal conductive strands, it will not corrode after years in the field and can last between 20-30 years in all weather conditions.

Reasons To Buy

  • Most visible fence wire
  • Strongest fence wire
  • Safer for managing horses
  • Will not rust
  • High wind-resistant
  • Can serve as temporary fencing or horse fencing
  • Can last 20-30 years

PolyRope is available in multiple sizes to help farmers manage their land. Shop Now.