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Electric Fence Kits Were Built For Those Who Have Never Installed Electric Fences.

Starting a DIY project can be challenging - even intimidating; which is why the ElectricFenceCo has gathered the fence materials for you to eliminate the confusion of which parts you need to do it yourself. No more wondering which fence parts you require to install an electric fence thanks to the fence kits for sale on ElectricFenceCo.com. Fence installation just got easier!

Simply choose the size and type of baited deer electric fence kit you want for your property. We'll supply you with the rest along with easy to follow written instructions to finish the job.

Electric fencing isn't just used for deer management on farms and in gardens. Growers and beekeepers with bear damage turn to electric fencing to protect their honey hives and their plants beginning in the fall season when bears begin to stock pile on food for winter hibernation. (Remember, in the fall, bears will attempt to eat 90 pounds of food per day!)

For beginner farmers who have never used electric fencing, it's best to choose a fence kit that includes all the fence parts (ground rod, controllers, posts, wire) needed to get the job done.

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