Electric Fence Poly Wire (1300')

Electric Fence Poly Wire is ideal for rotational grazing, temporary fencing and recommended to livestock owners for slow-moving animals such as sheep or cattle. Poly Wire can be used for deer exclusion if the spacing is 10" apart. (Tip: Use a low impedance fence charger that produces 4,000 to 5,000 volts on the fence.)

This 1300' electric fence roll of poly wire is lightweight and easy to install, repair and splice. It is made from a polyethylene material woven with 6 stainless steel strands for increased effectiveness. Despite using electrical conductors, this 1300' roll of electric polywire will not rust in the field. It is available in white color for high visibility of all slow moving farm animals. With a certified breaking load of approximately 180 pounds, this type of electric fence is a solid choice for grazing animals. This Poly wire may last up to 10 years with proper use and maintenance.