Electric Fence For Horses

Horses are fast moving animals; and when horse owners use traditional wooden fences, they tend to see damage to the fence system caused by the horse. 

Horses are smart animals and they can "feel" the electricity when their noses are near the fence line;however, most horses take their chances when they get close to the fence line. The metal horse shoes on horses make an excellent conductor for electric fences. This leads to a more intense shock on horses that will tell them to slow down and avoid the fence. Electric fencing deters horses from chewing, rubbing up against and jumping over the fence. 

Like deer, horses do not have the best eyesight; so, equine fencing will need to be highly visible. This is why horse owners generally use poly tape - a highly visible type of electric fence wire that can be seen on green vegetation and brown landscapes. Poly Rope for horses can be considered, as well. (Poly Rope is less likely to tangle and will be long-lasting.) The concern with poly tape is that horses may be able to break through the material - if they really want to.

On a two-strand electric fence system, the bottom level should be 18 inches from the ground. The top level should then be 20 inches above the lower level. 

To safely contain horses on pastures, A low impedance fence charger is recommended with 2000-3000 volts on the fence line.