Electric Bear Net 10/42/7 - Green, 164'

Use our Green Electric Bear Netting create an area safe from the threat of bears. The fencing features built-in posts making the entire netting completely portable. The fencing does not require any tools to install or move. When electrified, this fence provides effective protection from bears, coyotes and other predators. Set up, take down, and move the enclosure in as little as 15 minutes. A fence charger is required to electrify the netting. We recommend a .25-joule, low-impedance charger.

The Electric Netting 10/42/7 features 10 horizontal lines (9 conductive) and has a 7” vertical spacing and is 42” high

Protect campsites, beehives, or food supplies from bears and other wildlife.

Netting features highly conductive stainless-steel conductors

Double spiked step-in white fiberglass posts are built into the netting every 12’ for simple tool-free installation and increased stability

4 corner stakes are provided to properly brace the electric netting at the corners

Additional rolls of this fencing can be easily attached to each other creating larger electric netting enclosures.


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