Two-Clip Jumper Lead - Red

Jumper Leads are a necessary part of your electric fencing kit and are used to connect your fence to its energizing source.

These Jumper Leads are for making the two necessary connections to energize your poultry netting. Either color can be used for either connection, but traditionally, you would use the Red Jumper Lead to connect the Energizer to the Poultry Netting. And you would use the Green Jumper Lead to attach the Grounding Rod to the Energizer.

These Jumper Leads are well-made and durable with large 3-inch clips. The large clips make handling easy and comfortable, which is important in a fencing system that will be moved quite often. The cable itself is 4 feet in length, providing lots of options with placement of grounding rod and rest of fencing.

The mouths of these clips have plenty of contact space also making these Jumper Leads very easy and simple to use.