August 15, 2018

If you are a grower, there are numerous ways to perform bear management to keep bears out of yards and gardens. For homeowners, bears will most likely snoop around garbage pails, if they do not have an enclosed lid. Bear proof garbage cans are low-cost and are quite effective for keeping deer out of driveways. 

Farmers should practice good husbandry on the farm and keep a tidy area to avoid wildlife damage. Keep areas near beehives and agriculture well-mowed and move domestic and livestock animals away from crops where bears may try to harm them.

Like deer, the taste and scent of pepper is unbearable; and they will turn away from plants if they smell it. Gardeners can spray chili pepper on their plants to deter bears. 

Other than repellent tactics, homeowners can install electric fencing from ElectricFenceCo. to keep away bears. An electric fence will give the bear an unpleasant jolt that will remind the bear not to proceed onto the property. Electric fences are also used for deer management and will stop white-tails and rodents. These can be permanent or temporary fencing fixtures. I guess you could say that electric fence netting from the Electric Fence Company is a bare necessity for a grower!