Electric Fence

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Electric Fence is the best management solution for bear damage on landscapes and can be used to stop deer and other predatory animals from rummaging through gardens. 

For Bear Management

It really isn't the bears fault. Black bears have lived for millions of years with an unlimited surplus of food; and now that they see freshly planted crops in view, they are going after the bounty of fruits and vegetables bestowed upon them. To avoid human contact, bears will generally raid trash dumps, farms, gardens and yards in the evening hours - although they aren't considered to be nocturnal animals. To stop bears from ruining gardens, we recommend installing an Electric Fence. After all, electric fencing is the most effective means for bear management.

Use electric fence to deter bears from entering into gardens. Bears not only pose a threat to gardens but also to livestock, horses and domestic animals. As with white-tailed deer, black bears will feel the shock from an electric fence and will run for the hills after one or two shocks. 

For Deer Management

Our baited deer electric fence will not harm the deer long-term; but will zap them with a quick electric jolt that will deter them from browsing gardens much further. Deer electric fence kits are recommended for growers that are looking for a "no second chances" type of fencing in the garden. 

An electric fence for deer require volts between 4000-5000 V. for best results. 

Deer Baited Electric Fence Kits come complete with all fence materials needed to create a low-maintenance, shock fence around properties. Growers can leave the electric fence up year-round or use as temporary fencing as the seasons change. 

Lightweight and easy to install - Electric Fencing is an economical fence choice for pasture management. Shop Electric Fence Kits now.