Fixed Knot Deer Fence

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Fixed Knot Deer Fence is the strongest metal fence on today's market for deer management in the garden. 

Fixed Knot, also known as Solid Lock Deer Fence, is made from a  12.5 gauge woven wire that is class 3 galvanized - the highest galvanization rating available against corrosion and deer damage. We also have a 14 gauge fixed knot woven wire fence that features an advanced zinc aluminum coating and is nearly 2-3 times as corrosion resistant as class 1 galvanized steel. Our steel lock fence has been proven to stop the most determined buck, and has an estimated life of 20-40 years in all weather elements.

Our Solid Lock Fixed Knot Deer Fence is determined by the inches between horizontal lines, the height of the deer fence and the inches between vertical lines.

Reasons to Buy

  • Strongest metal deer fence on today's market;
  • Made from 12.5 ga woven wire fence mesh;
  • Chew-proof, Dig-proof, Rust-proof;
  • Lasts 30-40 years.

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