Lightening Protection

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We can't control the weather; but we can control how we protect our electric fence from lightning. 

The last thing growers need is for energizers to blow due to severe storms. Electric fencing can attract lightning and can cause damage because of the fence wire used and from the electrical outlet that gives power. This is why we recommend lightning protection products to use as add-ons for the electric fence. 

Growers need to protect both the input and output side of the energizer to avoid blow-outs. The output side of the fence charger is what takes the blunt force of a lightning strike. A lightning diverted should minimize damage coming from lightning to the energizer. For incoming surge protection, use plug-in surge protection at the source of the power outlet. The lightning arrestor should be at least 40 feet away from the energizer including water supply systems and utility grounds.

The best thing that growers can do is to unplug chargers before a bad storm. Until then, use lightning protection accessories for electric fences.